On-line Series about Ancient and Modern Oriental Laws - ISSN 1828-1788


The Redaction:

Dr. Leonardo Sacco (University of Rome "La Sapienza") -- Coordinator

Dr. Leonardo Daniele

Avv. Dr. Americo Fontanarosa


To submit an article, it is necessary to write an email and upload the Word file and the PDF file.

Texts may be written in Italian, French, English, Spanish and German.

All articles will be assessed through a peer review system.

Each article will be anonymously assigned, for evaluation, to two specialists in the subject matter.

The evaluation of the specialists will be communicated to the author within two months from the date of receipt of the text. In the event of disagreement regarding assessment of the text, by the two reviewers selected, the article will be given to a third reviewer.

The following assessment will be given to the pieces analyzed: - positive (the text will be published) - positive with suggestions for various corrections (the text will be published if corrected) - negative (the text will not be published).

In drafting the article, to the authors will be sent the criteria.

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